Gemeentemuseum Den Haag Summer Expo 2011

A new tradition is being created within the Dutch Art World! It is in close cooperation with Gemeentemuseum Den Haag that the Artworlds Foundation is about to introduce Summer Expo 2011. Following the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy in London and the Canvas Collection in Belgium, the Netherlands are to get their very own summer exposition, which will come about by means of open registration.

This new initiative not only casts light on highly diverse artistic talents from the Netherlands but also provides an accurate update of the current state of affairs within the Dutch Art World.Artists of all artistic disciplines are welcome to participate: whether they make traditional drawings or create Modern Installation Art. Artists can register as a participant of the expo and are allowed to present three art works per person at this site. The costs attached are 25 Euros for each individual work of art.

Portrait, Landscape and Still Life
These are the subjects of the very first exhibition, which is to take place in 2011. We would like to invite you to participate should your work belong to either of these categories.

Anonymous Selection
Through these three classic genres, as mentioned above, the exhibition presents a survey of contemporary Dutch art, in the broadest possible sense of the word, without making a distinction between the established and non-established art worlds in the Netherlands. Each distinct work of
art has to speak for itself – and it is only its expressiveness and quality that count, since neither backgrounds nor artists responsible are mentioned during the selection.

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