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Georgia Museum of Natural History Reopens

The Georgia Museum of Natural History re-opened on on September 15.

The opening reception included a special art exhibition entitled “Lost Species, Visions of Landscapes Past” featuring the landscape paintings of Philip Juras and a reading by nature writer, Dorinda Dallmeyer, director of the University of Georgia Environmental Ethics Certificate Program. The Gallery will feature the natural landscape of pre-settlement southeastern United States. Some unique museum specimens available for viewing included an ivory-billed woodpecker, a Carolina parakeet, and a passenger pigeon.

The Georgia Museum of Natural History links collections, research, public service, and education through programs designed for a diverse audience. Natural history museums are repositories for collections of archaeological, biological, geological, and paleontological materials. For the most part, such collections consist of specimens or artifacts gathered so that they may be studied by students and professionals or displayed for public edification. At The University of Georgia, faculty, staff, and students have built significant collections in natural history through their research. Taken together, they are the most comprehensive in Georgia. These collections play an important role in the teaching mission of the University as well as in public service and outreach.

Georgia Museum of Natural History
Natural History Building
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-7882
Phone: 706-542-1663
Fax: 706-542-3920

Image: The Georgia Museum of Natural History

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