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Serero Architects Presents Design for Museum of the Fromelles Fight

Serero Architects has won a competition to design the Museum of the Fromelles Fightin Fromelles, France.

The architecture of the Museum of Fromelles is aiming at establishing a link between sky and earth, between visitors and the “burial” of soldiers. This is a building with a low profile, which is half-sunk on its Northeast facade. The work on natural topography has helped to improve the natural slope of the site and cover, partially, the technical space of the museum.

Museum of the Fromelles Fight © Serero Architects

Only the volume containing the exhibition spaces emerges from the landscape, indicating the trace of a burial. This emergence is in concrete, which evokes the stacking of successive geological stratifications and different types of soil in the basement.

The museum is gradually revealed to people accessing the site, with its low profile, which is respectful of the presence of the adjacent cemetery.

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