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Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein Opens The Mezzanin Collection. A Selection

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein presents The Mezzanin Collection. A Selection on view 28 October 2011 – 26 February 2012.

Domiciled in Liechtenstein, the “Mezzanin Stiftung für Kunst” collection is devoted primarily to international, contemporary art. Bearing the stamp of the extreme care and personal commitment of collector Hanny Frick, it has grown continuously over the past few decades.

Otto Zitko, untitled, 1990

Hanny Frick relies on direct contact with artists and their works of art. Her approach has led, over the years, to a collection that places the collector on equal footing with the international art world. The holdings range from paintings, drawings, prints and photography to objects and a remarkable group of sculptures from Europe and Africa. In addition, the collection includes artefacts such as found pieces from nature, tools used by artists and a group of prehistoric rock drawings that have been transferred to paper.

The present selection on view at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein highlights paintings, specific drawings and a group of sculptures of African origin, clearly testifying to the importance Hanny Frick attaches to emotional values as well as transcendental and existential concerns.

Alongside anonymous sculptures from Africa, the exhibition includes works by the following artists: Erwin Bohatsch, Kwang-Young Chun, Martin Disler, Helmut Federle, Thomas Feuerstein, Angelo Filomeno, Eva Frommelt, Martin Frommelt, Ferdinand Gehr, Per Kirkeby, Evi Kliemand, Eugène Leroy, Joseph Marioni, Ferdinand Nigg, Stefan Sprenger, Rütjer Rühle, Michael Toenges, Peter Tollens, Cécile Wick and Otto Zitko.

The exhibition is produced by the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, curated by Friedemann Malsch.

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