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Andy Warhol Museum Announces Jeanette Doyle. Fifteen Days, A Prequel to Factory Direct. Pittsburgh

The Andy Warhol Museum announces its latest special exhibition, Jeanette Doyle: Fifteen Days, A Prequel to Factory Direct: Pittsburgh. Open November 9 – 27, 2011.

Fifteen Days is a preview of Doyle’s work for Factory Direct: Pittsburgh, an upcoming exhibition at The Warhol opening in June 2012. For a period of fifteen days, artist Jeanette Doyle will perform a dematerialized act at The Warhol Museum. An extension of the performance will be rendered immaterially on The Warhol’s website. The project emerges from a consideration of the relationship between “dematerialized” artworks versus current definition of the “immaterial.”

Each day from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., Doyle will change the light bulbs illuminating the Museum’s entrance gallery. After Doyle’s daily performances at The Warhol, she will then commute to the offices of Ansaldo STS, a leading local technology company involved in traffic management, planning, train control, and signaling systems and services, where she will watch and record work processes. While Doyle will be performing ‘immaterial’ labor at The Warhol, she will function as a viewer at Andaldo; therefore reversing roles.

Factory Direct: Pittsburgh showcases the artwork of 15 established contemporary artists invited to conduct artist residencies in Pittsburgh-based factories. Factory Direct artists will work closely with the management teams and factory workers within their host facilities to plan and execute a new work of art based on the factory’s history, technologies, materials, and/or processes. Factory Direct: Pittsburgh artists are Chakaia Booker, Dee Briggs, Thorsten Brinkmann, Jeanette Doyle, Todd Eberle, Fabrizio Gerbino, Ann Hamilton, Leslie Hewitt, William Earl Kofmehl, Ryan McGinness, Mark Neville, Sarah Oppenheimer, Edgar Orlaineta, ORLAN, and Tomoko Sawada. Participating factories include Ansaldo, Bayer, Body Media, Construction Junction, Forms and Surfaces, Robotics Institute, and TAKTL.

Pittsburgh has an incredibly rich history in the realm of industry and was the dominant power in steel, bronze, tin, coal, aluminum, food, and glass production from the late 19th century through the mid-20th century. Pittsburgh’s modern day industries range from cutting-edge technology facilities and healthcare systems to green building firms. Also present are a number of family-owned businesses like chocolate factories and light manufacturing facilities. This exhibition will also celebrate the region’s workforce and their commitment to industry and innovation. Pittsburgh’s strong work ethic has been the foundation for the many milestones achieved here, and it continues to fuel the city’s drive forward in new technologies and innovations.

Image: Photo credit: Ken Meehan

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