Museum Autovision Puts First Electric Car Back on the Road

AUTOVISION Museum spent about a year conducting research on and reverse engineering the world’s first electric car under Horst Schultz until it was brought back to life. This affords the whole world the opportunity to experience the automotive locomotion options available 130 years ago in the flesh, which existed a full five years before the actual invention of the motorcar by Carl Benz and were much more comfortable and virtually noise-free.

The museum AUTOVISION · Tradition & Forum is the first exhibition in Europe to show the possibilities and visions of mobility that exist at the beginning of the new millennium. It is considered that the future also has a past. Moreover it is worldwide the first permanent exhibition of Wankel engines. Further highlights are the new Science Arena and the museum in motion.

The exhibitions not only address technically interested visitors, but want to inspire particularly the youth – our future – for technical solutions of mobility. –

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