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Fruitlands Museum Announces Zen Dust Exhibition

The Fruitlands Museum presents Zen Dust an exhibition on view 01/14/2012 throug 03/31/2012.

The work in this exhibit was inspired by Linda Hoffman’s early training in the Zen Art of Noh Theater, in Kyoto, Japan. Once back in the West, Hoffman created her own art form that was poetic and spare – influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi- sabi. Wabi being loneliness, solitariness, the sight of lone crow on a crooked branch, a plum blossom peeking through snow, while sabi refers to objects that show the well-worn, rustic, patina of age.

Curator Linda E. Poras wrote about this work, ”The impact of her training can observed in her ability to achieve profound effects with the most economical use of gesture.” Objects and words are used interchangeably to draw the viewer into the natural world. A walking stick, blocks of wood, shells, a gnawed beaver stump are not symbols or ideas, but the reality of our day- to-day life. Hoffman creates a meditative world of calm and beauty in these pieces evoking joy and transcendence as well as the deepest sorrow of our humanity.

FRUITLANDS MUSEUM 102 Prospect Hill Road, Harvard, Massachusetts
01451 (978) 456-3924

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