The British Museum Invites Trustee Applications

The British Museum invite applications for three new Trustee positions. The deadline for applications is 2 December 2011.

The British Museum was founded by Parliament in 1753 with the purpose of enabling citizens, of both Britain and the world, to understand the world.

Great court Window The British Museum

The British Museum holds the greatest collection representative of human cultural achievement, ancient and modern, in the world. The Museum is a space ‘not only for the ‘learned and curious’ but also ‘for the benefit of the general public’ – a centre of research and inquiry at all levels. It is a forum for the expression of many different cultural perspectives and a place to increase understanding of the cultural connections and influences linking Britain and the world.

The Museum has an operating budget of approximately £55 million and employs around 1000 people. Around six million visitors see the collection in London each year, and through an expanding programme of loans, touring exhibitions and media initiatives, the Museum has a UK and worldwide reach unprecedented in its history.

Since its foundation, the Museum has been governed by a Board of Trustees who hold a collection for study and enjoyment by current and future generations in the UK and round the world. They are responsible for ensuring that the collection is housed in safety and used for worldwide public benefit. The Trustees embody and represent the public interest within the Museum.

The British Museum Act 1963 establishes that the Trustees should be twenty-five in number. The Museum aims to draw its Trustees from as broad a range of people as possible, to ensure the Board comprises a diverse, international group, representative of the worldwide nature of the collection vested in them and their global responsibilities.

The Trustees provide vision, direction, control and accountability in fulfilling the Museum’s public purpose. They uphold the highest levels of probity, financial stewardship and corporate performance.

For more information about the British Museum and for a list of current Trustees, please visit:

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