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Haus der Kunst presents why i never became a dancer goetz collection

Haus der Kunst presents why i never became a dancer goetz collection in haus der kunst an exhibition on view through 01 apr 2012.

doug aitken i am in you (linear version), 2000 still 1-channel video installation (colour, sound) 11‘ 03“, loop courtesy sammlung goetz

“why i never became a dancer” is the second exhibition in the cooperation between goetz collection and haus der kunst. ingvild goetz will use the 13 chamber-like rooms of the former air raid shelter to show a selection of her broad collection of film and media art. “why i never became a dancer” presents 15 video works by international artists who deal with the topic of youth culture in the broadest sense. artists like doug aitken, rineke dijkstra, tracey emin and rosemarie trockel analyze forms of socialization, behavioral patterns and conditioning of young people at the social and personal level. they not only look at today’s youth culture, but also at modern youth culture of the past twenty years. “each generation has its own cult figures, its own language, music, fashion, and expressions. until the generation has found itself, it tries out everything: from a particular lifestyle, to drugs, all the way to the virtual world of the internet.” (ingvild goetz) –

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