T. Rex Exhibition Final Weeks at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Only Three Weeks Remain to See Robotic Dinosaurs and Life-Size T. Rex Cast, Free with Museum Admission

DENVER – The Denver Museum of Nature & Science invites visitors to experience T. Rex Encounter before it closes on January 8, 2012. Thousands of visitors have attended the exhibition and traveled back in time to 67 million years ago to explore the Cretaceous world of the infamous Tyrannosaurus rex. T. Rex Encounter’s advanced robotics and cutting-edge face recognition technology brings visitors closer than ever to raptor dinosaurs, Triceratops, and-of course-T. rex.

With only three weeks left to see the exhibition, it is a perfect, family-friendly activity to do over the holiday break. T. Rex Encounter is a fun, affordable experience that the whole family will enjoy. With kids out of school and relatives in town, families shouldn’t miss the opportunity to have a family photo taken with T. rex using green screen technology-it makes the perfect holiday greeting card.

T. Rex Encounter showcases robotic dinosaurs equipped with sensors, cameras, and the behavioral characteristics of their biological ancestors. By responding to each other and to visitors, these colossal beasts provide the most lifelike and interactive dinosaur experience available. The exhibition also features a cast of the most complete T. rex skeleton ever discovered. Found by and named after fossil hunter Sue Hendrickson in 1990, the original fossil Sue is 90 percent complete and exquisitely preserved. She is the most celebrated, famous representative of the species and her discovery has allowed more detailed studies of the biology, growth, and behavior of T. rex than ever before.

Activities include examining casts of Sue’s arm bone, tail bone, rib, and teeth; looking through the eyes of a T. rex and a Triceratops; assembling a 3D puzzle of Sue’s skeleton; going head to head with robotic dinosaurs; and much more. This immersive, 13,000-square-foot exhibition is offered in English and Spanish. – www.dmns.org

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