Zorn Museum presents Peter Dahl retrospective

The Zorn Museum in Mora , Sweden presents a major retrospective of Peter Dahl on view through on view through March 11th 2012, following his career from a young rebel and provocateur to the status of one of Sweden’s most beloved artists.

Peter Dahl’s big break came in the 1980s with the suite Fredman’s Epistles – lush, lustful and burlesque scenes from Bellman’s world with the great work Fredman Epistle No 33: Proud city that magnificent climax. On the Zorn Museum displays these now classic images together with scenes from the bars and dance hall, portraits and poetic landscapes, from the artist’s earliest works of paintings done today.

Peter Dahl’s attitude towards art and life has many links with Anders Zorn. His imagery is based on a true humanistic foundation and respect for the great European painting. Peter Dahl is one of our great painter, at once powerful and sensual, serious and sensual and with a palette that lights up the winter darkness Mora. Let yourself be seduced by the painting’s delight!

During the exhibition period shown Anders Hanser’s popular slide show of Peter Dahl’s painting Dance of the blue in which the artist himself, very personal, talks about how it came about. The slide show is shown every hour and half hour during opening hours.

The Zorn Museum in Mora is one of Sweden’s most established and well-known art museums. It exhibits works by the famous artist Anders Zorn and is open for 362 days a year – www.zorn.se

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