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Mundaneum and Google Announce Partnership

Google and Mundaneum in Mons have announced a partnership to highlight two exceptional Belgians: the founders of Mundaneum Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine; pioneers of search engine.

More than a century before the invention of the Web in the 90’s, Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine from the heart of Europe, designed a system for indexing all information in the world. Their goal was to work for peace by bringing together knowledge and making it accessible to all people. They then founded on the basis of the International Office of Bibliography, the Mundaneum.

“The Mundaneum reveals itself as a forum for our wonderful experience Digital Innovation Valley, a place where history and cultural and technological innovation” by Elio Di Rupo – Prime Minister and Mayor of Mons.

“For Google, this mission seems strangely familiar and pleasantly. We want to honor and highlight the pioneers of the computer and the Internet in Europe, “added Thierry Geerts – Director of Google Belgium.

Google is now a partner of the upcoming exhibition of Mundaneum, entitled “Knowledge One Click Away! Knowledge at your fingertips! “Presented at Mundaneum in Mons on 2 October next. This exhibition will aim to tell the story of access to knowledge, replacing the Mundaneum on the timeline of Information Science. The partners also offer a series of lectures on the theme “The Pioneers of Computing in Europe”, but also to Mundaneum at the University of Ghent. The French Louis Pouzin (4/19/12), inventor of the datagram, and the Belgian Robert Cailliau (10/22/12), team member Tim Berners Lee at CERN and considered co-inventor of the Web, have already accepted the invitation.

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