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LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre presents Visualizing Sound

The LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre presents Visualizing Sound, on view 23 March–25 June 2012.

Pascal Broccolichi, “Table,” 2010.

In 2007, LABoral held the first L.E.V. (Laboratory of Visual Electronics) Festival, whose initials pay tribute to Lev Thermen, the Russian scientist who was the father of the present-day synthesiser. The founding goal of the festival was to provide an eclectic and qualitative overview of electronic sound creation and its intersections with the visual arts. Throughout its five events, the Festival has featured a selection of the most interesting projects by international creators working in this field, spanning from up-and-coming promises to renowned artists.

The L.E.V. Festival is a physical and ephemeral space, particularly focused on the natural synergy between image and sound, on live action, on the influence of avant-garde movements on contemporary creation, on the relationship forged between the spectator and the public space, and on the new art movements emerging around the world in connection with audiovisual culture.

Visualizar el sonido [Visualizing Sound] partakes in this vision and expands the Festival’s lines of research to the exhibition space. The idea behind this international group exhibition is to examine the synthesis between image and sound, the various graphic and physical representations of sound, and its evolution in contemporary art. Sound should not be detached from the surrounding that informs it: space, vibration, wave, technique for representation, perception and even visualization. Visualizar el sonido was conceived with the idea of generating a dialogue between all its constituent parts, covering a whole century of creation around the same notion or concept: the mastering, representation and taming of the wave, the need to go beyond the limits that our senses can take us to, which, at the end of the day, is the essence of all art.

Curators: Fiumfoto
Artists: Pascal Broccolichi, Andreas Fischer, Andy Huntington, Ryoichi Kurokawa, David Letellier, Daniel Palacios, Lucía Rivero, Daniel Romero, Semiconductor, Zimoun
Collaborators: Pro Helvetia, French Embassy

L.E.V Festival 2012
27–28 April 2012
L.E.V. Festival or the Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual [Laboratory of Visual Electronics] is a space in which electronic music and the visual and scenic arts are combined to form a new mode of artistic expression, bringing to the public a selection of the most interesting projects by young talent as well as by already experienced artists from the local and international art scene.

Artists: Prefuse 73 [Warp Records, USA], Various Production [Various Production, UK], Mika Vainio [Editions Mego, FI], Soap&Skin [Solfo / PIAS, AT], Holy Other [Tri Angle, UK], Kuedo [Planet Mu, UK], Arbol [spa.RK, ES], Anstam [Fifty Weapons, DE], Ryoichi Kurokawa [JP], Old Apparatus [Deep Medi Musik, UK], Fasenuova [Discos Humeantes, ES], Patten [Warp Records, USA]

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