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Samsung Museum of Art opens Do Ho Suh. Home within Home

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art presents Do Ho Suh: Home within Home, an exhibition on view 22 March–3 June 2012.

Do Ho Suh, “Blueprint (Leeum Version),” 2010–2012. Polyester fabric, metal armature, 663.4 x 377.4 x 1337.9 cm.

Home within Home, a grand solo exhibition of the works of Do Ho Suh who is one of the most actively participating Korean artists in the art scene of the world from March 22 to June 3. Suh studied painting and sculpture at Rhode Island School of Design and Yale University School of Art and represented Korea at the 49th Venice Biennale in 2001. Since then Suh has been showing his remarkable artworks through many solo and group exhibitions at various leading museums and galleries in the world including Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, Tate Modern and Serpentine Gallery in London, Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Seattle Art Museum, contributing to the enrichment of both the Korean and international art scenes as much as some of the most prominent Korean artists such as Nam June Paik and U-Fan Lee.

As a nomad living in different regions of the world including Seoul, New York and Europe, Suh has been concentrated on the relationship between ‘me’ and what differs from ‘me’ and the ways to communicate beyond the boundary between them while focusing on the relationships both between different individuals and between the individual and the collective. In Suh’s work, his main subject matter of ‘home’ represents the minimum space occupied by an individual, and it is established as a space where the formation of the relationships between disparate beings such as the self and the other, different cultures, and the inside and the outside takes place. His art has attracted worldwide attention as it expresses the concept of ‘home,’ an entity that we all have, not from the perspective of locality but from that of universality beyond the boundaries of different spaces and times.

This exhibition features Suh’s recent works as well as his ‘home’ series, which has been his main artistic motif and made him known throughout the world, and thus will provide a valuable opportunity to foresee where his future artistic endeavors head toward. Shown at the building designed by Rem Koolhaas for Leeum, this exhibition of Suh’s homes can in a way be seen as an interpretation of the building. Among the exhibits to be shown in this exhibition are as follows: Seoul Home Seoul Home, one of his recent work, whose transparent home will be illusorily floating in the air of the gallery; Gate – Leeum version which functioned as an interface for the exhibition held at Seattle Art Museum in 2011; one of the highlights of the Black Box Gallery of Leeum, Fallen Star 1/5 (2008–2011) in which the Hanok, traditional Korean house is flown to the U.S. by the wind of the fate and its collision onto an apartment is wittily expressed; Home within Home 1/11 (2009) depicts the moment when two different homes intercommunicate with each other to form a single identity. Especially, the exhibition invites visitors to Suh’s creative journey by introducing his recent work, Seoul Home Seoul Home(2012), which can be characterized as the culmination of his series work of hanok, and his video works such as Gate – Leeum version (2011) and Bridging Home A Perfect Home: The Bridge Project (2012), which have not be shown to the Korean audience.

Many of his works are not be displayed in this exhibition, but visitors can examine them through the documentary film about Suh and his works. While the exhibition examines the world of Suh’s art from diverse perspectives and through various materials, it provides visitors with a valuable opportunity to observe simultaneously the past, present and future of Suh’s creativity.

Curated by Hyesoo Woo, Chief Senior Curator, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art

Sponsored by Samsung Electronics, co. Ltd.

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art was opened in central Seoul in 2004 and providesa unique environment to house the comprehensive collections of traditional and contemporary art in Korea. Three buildings make up the composite complex. MUSEUM 1 is devoted to the exhibition of traditional Korean artwork. MUSEUM 2 showcases modern and contemporary works by both Korean and foreign artists. Finally, the Samsung Child Education & Culture Center supplements the two Museums by contributing to the cultural education of our future leaders. This cultural complex was designed by three internationally acclaimed architects, Mario Botta, Jean Nouvel, and Rem Koolhaas. The three buildings exist in harmony with each other, though each piece has its own uniqueness. These architectural works are designed to accommodate the past, present, and future of art and culture.

The museum is committed to establishing and preserving a new interpretation and perspective of traditional Korean art, encouraging and presenting new trends in Korean modern art, and displaying international contemporary art that reflects the preeminent values of our time.

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