Baidu Announces Encyclopedia Digital Museum

Baidu has launched the Baidu Encyclopedia Digital Museum. On view at

In this collaborative undertaking, Baidu joins forces with museums across China to digitally display their collections. Museums that are visited by thousands can now be virtually explored by millions—an innovation that is exciting for its creative use of technology and also significant for its contribution towards bridging the information gap between rural and urban regions.

Click the map tab and select the region you are interested in. A list of its museums will appear on the right hand side, with two columns: click on the museum’s name to view its collection, or click entry on the right side to visit its Baidu Encyclopedia entry.

Once you’ve selected a museum, a page like this will appear displaying a set of exhibit images. (These pages will vary depending on the nature of the museum and its resources.) At the top is an information bar that details the museum’s collection by category (ie. pottery, jade artifacts), and also provides links for more museum information, the museum’s reservation page, and its Baidu Encyclopedia entry.

At the moment, there are six museums available: the National Museum of China, the Paleozoological Museum of China, the Geological Museum of China, the Beijing Planetarium, the Hunan Provincial Museum and the Shaanxi History Museum.

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