Colorado Railroad Museum announces Dinosaur Express Train

Colorado railroads helped unearth many fossils as railroad tracks were laid. Construction crews often exposed these unusual and fascinating bones as they were digging and laying railroad ties. Trains were then used to transport these ‘stone bones’ to museums around Colorado and throughout the U.S.

Ride and discover the Dinosaur Express Train on May 19 at the Colorado Railroad Museum from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Make “Fresh Tracks through Prehistory” as children sift through sand in search of fossils, keep dinosaur prizes as a memento of their dig, pan for gold, paint dinosaur tracks and enjoy other dino-related activities.

Be greeted by multiple 12-foot-long Stegosaurus’, whose distinctive tail spikes make it one of the most recognizable dinosaurs. Meet the huge 45-foot-long sea monster, Tylosaurus, face-to-face.

Follow the dinosaur tracks around the Museum’s 15-acre railyard and listen to the adventurous stories of these prehistoric reptiles during our dinosaur story time.

Dinosaur Express Train is in collaboration with the Morrison Natural History Museum, Dinosaur Ridge and Triebold Paleontology.

Admission is $5 for children (under 2 free), $15 for adults, $30 for a family and $10 for seniors over 60.

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Museum or organisation contact details
Colorado Railroad Museum
17155 W. 44th Avenue, Golden, CO 80403
[email protected]

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