Toledo Museum of Art Acquires Seven Glass Vessels Made During 1962 Glass Workshops

The Toledo Museum of Art has acquired seven greenish-blue glass vessels, the work of two first-time glass blowers who happened to be in attendance at the famed March 1962 Toledo Workshop. That workshop, and one that followed in June of that year, are widely credited with launching the American Studio Glass Movement.

Glass Vessels, Toledo Museum of Art

Ceramicists Tom McGlauchlin and Edith Franklin both attended the inaugural workshop hosted by the Toledo Museum of Art and led by Harvey Littleton. The two vessels donated by Pat McGlauchlin, wife of the late Tom McGlauchlin, and the five donated by Toledoan Edith Franklin are among the very few surviving works from the group’s experiments in glass. The only other object from the first workshop in a public collection is a single example of Littleton’s work at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. Most of the vessels from the workshops did not survive because of inadequate annealing (cooling) equipment.

“Considering the historical importance of the Toledo Workshops, these pieces are rare relics of the humble beginnings from which the international Studio Glass Movement developed,” said Brian Kennedy, director, Toledo Museum of Art. “Toledo is pleased to have these historical objects take their place in our fine glass collection.”

The Toledo Museum of Art is a nonprofit arts institution funded through individual donations, foundation grants, corporate sponsorships, and investments. The Ohio Arts Council helps fund programs at the Toledo Museum of Art through a sustainable grant program that encourages economic growth, educational excellence, and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans.

The Museum is located at 2445 Monroe Street at Scottwood Avenue, just west of the downtown business district and one block off I-75 with exit designations posted. For general information, visitors can call 419-255-8000 or 800-644-6862, or visit

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