Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame opens Icons of Science Fiction exhibition

The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame presents Icons of Science Fiction an exhibition on view from June 9, 2012.

T-800 skull used in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1991 Photograph by Brady Harvey

Sample diverse forms of science fiction, learn about the pervasiveness of the genre in popular culture, and connect science fiction’s big ideas to the artists, writers, and filmmakers who spawned them with six unique sectors that highlight the work of EMP’s Science Fiction Hall of Fame inductees. Drawing on questions that propel the plots in science fiction media such as, “What if we fought a war with Aliens?” “What if we could explore the stars?” or “What if we were enslaved by our machines?” Icons of Science Fiction allows visitors to traverse the creative spirit of sci-fi innovators, while simultaneously reveling in the physical artifacts inspired by their distinct visions. Witness concept art from the popular video game Portal, pull on a second persona with antennas, ray gun, and cape from the compositing special effects installation, and witness the flying saucers and light sabers that have come to form the basis of our collective consciousness.

The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (SFM) is the world’s first museum devoted to the thought-provoking ideas and experiences of science fiction. SFM’s exhibitions promote awareness and appreciation of science fiction literature and media while encouraging visitors to envision new futures for humanity. In the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, the museum pays homage to the most respected of science fiction practitioners—writers, artists, publishers and filmmakers.

Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
Seattle Center
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Seattle, Washington 98109
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