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Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art presents Space is the Place

Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art presents Space is the Place an exhibition examining the relationship between science fiction and visual art fairs today. The science fiction genre is often used as a means to open up alternate spaces in which different social, political and personal circumstances can be explored.

Dystopian and Utopian future scenarios, visions of ‘the alien’, original props from the TV series Star Trek, artificial intelligence and objects sent into the stratosphere – these are just some of the experiences and themes that can be experienced first-hand, when 12 Danish and international artists show their works at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art.

With installations, sound- and photo art, sculptures, videos and paintings, the participating artists treat the science fiction genre from their own personal perspectives. In his video piece for example, Allan Curral juxtaposes the role of the artist with ‘the alien’. As a recurrent art-historical theme, low culture vs. high culture is explored and discussed. All of the participating artists have previously worked with science fiction, or have an interest in the subject. Many of them relate to its literary and filmic legacy, referencing existing science fiction works and productions in their pieces; either as nostalgic statements, or as politically critical comments on the genre.

The exhibition is presented by Søren Brøgger and Søren Hüttel.