CU Art Museum opens Michael Theodore. Field Theory

The CU Art Museum at the University of Colorado, Boulder presents ‘Field Theory,’ a solo exhibition of the work of Michael Theodore, on view June 15, 2012 – July 14, 2012.

CU Art Museum

While scientists build mathematical models to better explain the mechanistic structure of the universe, musician and new media artist Michael Theodore builds models in software and hardware to better explore perceptual sensations. Using various media Theodore creates dynamic fields of color, light, and sound that are inspired by observation and experiences of the natural world. In ‘Field Theory’ Theodore explores the two seemingly contradictory impulses that drive his work as an artist. The first is the need to experience as deeply as possible the continuous flood of sounds, shapes, and colors streaming in from the world around him. The second is the attempt to grab onto some small piece of this magic and distill it into coded instructions that a machine can understand.

Theodore was born and raised in New York City, and joined the faculty of the University of Colorado College of Music in 1998, where he is an Associate Professor of Music Composition and Technology, and the Director of the ATLAS Center for Media, Arts and Performance. Theodore’s technology-­informed work with sound, visual media or both has been presented across the United States, and in Mexico, Trinidad y Tobago, Greece, Spain, Germany, Sweden, France, Australia, Japan, and China. An active collaborator, Theodore has created a number of pieces with performance artist Michelle Ellsworth, has performed in venues such as the Newport Folk Festival with punk-­folk artist Tim Eriksen, and recently released a recording with Glen Whitehead(Psychoangelo/Panauromni) that received airplay on the BBC, and a “Top Ten Classical Music Recordings of 2010” pick from Timeout Chicago. He earned his BA from Amherst College, his MM from Yale School of Music and his PhD from the University of California, San Diego.

CU Art Museum
1085 18th St., Boulder, CO 80309

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