Bonner Kunstverein presents NACH BONN – Eine Montage

Bonner Kunstverein presents NACH BONN – Eine Montage, an exhibition on view through 5 June–12 August 2012.

Bonner Kunstverein’s new exhibition NACH BONN – Eine Montage takes as a starting point a text by German writer Lars Brandt (b. 1951, Berlin). Brandt, who wrote his text “Bonn. Montage” especially for this occasion, is one of the most distinctive seismographers of the city of Bonn’s transformation. He chose to put his text together exclusively from quotations that extend from Goethe via Conrad to Kaurismäki. He introduces a plurality of voices that can be experienced in every city and further unfolds in the exhibition. Very diverse artistic positions from Bonn and the outlying region, as well as artists who only know the city via medial transmission, kaleidoscopically piece together an heterogeneous image of the city by way of the narratives, sensitivities, or possibilities of a place that more than once had to rethink itself over very short periods.

“Sedate Bonn” was turned into Germany’s capital in 1949, lost this role 41 years later and is now a medium-sized city with an illustrious history. In its recent past it has gone through an impressive transformation, which remains relevant for its future. Against this backdrop, the “nach” [after/to] in the exhibition title points not only to a spatial, but also to a temporal dimension: What could make up this city’s selfhood after it has had to undergo radical changes? Instead of seeking answers in statistics or sociological studies, the exhibition presents artistic positions that draw on personal perspectives in the city and bring, not didactic depictions to light, but their own playful narratives for Bonn.

Participating artists: Lars Brandt, Alexander Braun, Jakob Kolding, Goshka Macuga, Yorgos Sapountzis, Timo Seber, and Gernot Wieland

At a stage in which the city is renegotiating its own position and its role vis-à-vis culture, this exhibition would like to remind us that we can find in art an imaginative power for the future. NACH BONN – Eine Montage puts its trust in art’s ability to generate new images and concepts and offer stimulation for discussions as well as a sense of community.

Bonner Kunstverein
Hochstadenring 22
53119 Bonn, Germany
Hours: Tue–Sun, 11–5pm / Thu, 11–7pm

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