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Valencian Institute of Modern Art presents Francisco Solana exhibition

The Valencian Institute of Modern Art presents EXIT. Francisco Solana The visual navigation of painting on view 12/07/12 – 02/09/12.

Francisco Solana Valencian Institute of Modern Art

Francisco Solana’s paintings (Madrid, 1968) reformulate the point of figurative and poetic mode of capturing reality. His paintings are a detailed performance of the look experience, analyzing the complex field of figurative realism where that “untemporary happiness of vision” mentioned by Aldus Huxley may appear as an aperture of a place to a subjective contemplation in which fantasy and the shapes of recognition intervene. Far from the hegemonic literalism and “hybrid” mode, Francisco Solana manifests a basic confidence in the pictorial power. When ban of painting sounds like a delirious litany, he keeps his figurative passion up without relating it with the hegemonic distorted tradition in modernity. Nor he will justify painting in its mere physical dimension as phenomenological area that carries a nominalist deployment, neither he withdraws into the rhetoric of painting as a “mental thing”, that usually derives into fetishism of the so-called conceptual. –

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