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Valencian Institute for Modern Art Opens Bosco Sodi. Croacia

Valencian Institute for Modern Art presents Bosco Sodi. Croacia an exhibition on view 16th May -14th July, 2013.

Bosco Sodi. Croacia Valencian Institute for Modern Art
Bosco Sodi. Croacia Valencian Institute for Modern Art

The exhibition of Bosco Sodi presents the series Croacia comprising large- format works that confront the spectator with the gestuality of the act of painting by using chromatic and matteric devices. Each of the pieces that form the series, although it maintains its own individuality, fits into the whole to configure a single “abstract image”. It establishes a play of light that emphasises the orange and red shades that fill the canvas in a relief that runs between two and three dimensions.

In creating this series, the artist worked on the different parts simultaneously, with the same preparation of pigments and organic ingredients in order to produce an effect of continuity between the works. It is a group of pictures articulated around ordinary physical characteristics: large-format dimensions, a strong matteric presence (achieved by means of a mixed technique that includes natural pigments, sawdust, earth and cement), the intensity of colour and supports of basic rectangular shapes, which we can consider constitute a polyptych.

Bosco Sodi (Mexico D. F., 1970) began his artistic career in Barcelona, from where he moved to Berlin, and although he has studios in both cities and in Mexico City, he spends most of his time in New York.