Kunsthaus Bregenz announces Summer Academy Art and the Critique of Ideology after 89

The Kunsthaus Bregenz presents Summer Academy Art and the Critique of Ideology after ’89 on September 24 to September 30, 20.

One of the KUB Arena’s particular qualities is its repeated use of formats that question and extend the scope of traditional exhibition presentations. In its summer program this year the KUB Arena dedicates itself more clearly than ever to artistic research and knowledge production. In collaboration with the renowned Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as well as the author und theoretician Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, the KUB Arena will question present-day »ideological constellations« and subject them to up-to-the-minute discussion. Following a one-week lecture seminar with students and a conference with international guests in Bregenz an extensive collection of essays will appear in the KUB Arena publications series to bring together the results of the gathering.

Please register for conference before September 15: [email protected]

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