Kunsthaus Bregenz presents Architectural Models by Peter Zumthor

Kunsthaus Bregenz presents Architectural Models by Peter Zumthor, on view through 28 October 2012.

Kunsthaus Bregenz

Unknown to many, the Kunsthaus Bregenz has its own collection. One of the largest groups of works in the collection consists of architectural models by Peter Zumthor. Some of these exhibits have been archived by KUB since the architect’s solo exhibition in 2007. Further models have been or are still being added to the collection as permanent loans.

Beginning June 2012, a selection of these models by Peter Zumthor will be on show in the 200-square-meter space on the first floor of the post office building directly adjacent to the Kunsthaus Bregenz. Buildings and projects that were realized as well as those that remained in the design stage will be on show. The variety displayed in the exhibition demonstrate the outstanding role that working with models and materials as wood, metal, or clay play in Peter Zumthor’s studio.

KUB Collection Showcase
Seestraße 5, 6900 Bregenz, Austria
Admission Tickets at the KUB Reception Desk.
Entrance from the Kornmarktstraße side, alongside the Nepomuk Chapel.

T +43 5574 485 94 0
[email protected]

For further information: www.kunsthaus-bregenz.at.

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