Morris Museum presents On Vacation with Winslow Homer. Wood Engravings of an American Master

The Morris Museum presents On Vacation with Winslow Homer. Wood Engravings of an American Master, an exhibition on view October 7, 2012, featuring twenty-eight wood engravings. The selected works reflect the timeless appeal of Homer’s love of country life at its simplest and his delight in depicting children and adults in a range of vacation activities such as bathing, hiking, fishing, clambakes, picnics, games, and 4th of July fireworks.

Winslow Homer (1836-1910) began his career as a graphic artist; and to a large extent he remained one his entire life. One of the most revered American artists of all time, he was essentially self-taught. His vast body of work includes more than 250 published illustrations, the majority completed before the age of 35. The work he did in his early career as an illustrator captured an enormous range of subjects and was pivotal to his future development as a fine artist. Homer was adept at depicting familiar aspects of American life with quiet ambiguity. He celebrated country pleasures through evocative images of children and families engaged in leisure activities at the seashore and in the country. In so doing, he portrayed a revitalized and mature America, distinct from Europe. His refreshing images of children playing, fishing, or otherwise idling away their time present a picture of idyllic childhood. This exhibition presents a selection of some of Winslow Homer’s best illustrations that demonstrate the artist’s keen observations of Americans at play in the great outdoors, placing these works in their art historical and social history contexts. –

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