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Sam Noble Museum of Natural History presents Chinasaurs exhibition

Sam Noble Museum of Natural History presents Chinasaurs. an exhibition on view through September 16.

Chinasaurs features a variety of rare and extraordinary creatures. Complementing the dinosaurs are fossil dinosaur eggs and nests, along with numerous bones of the Jurassic plant-eating Lufengosaurus and the Cretaceous plant-eating Psittacosaurus. Video presentations, maps, signage and artwork provide further details into the story of the impressive skeletal displays.

Chinasaurs is the creation of dinosaur explorer “Dino” Don Lessem, author of more than 50 books on dinosaurs for children and adults and dinosaur columnist for Highlights Magazine for Children.

“Dino” Don has been exploring and researching Chinese dinosaurs since 1988 and personally arranged the loan of the dinosaurs from Chinese paleontologists.

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