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Leeum Samsung Museum of Art opens Art Spectrum 2012

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art presents Art Spectrum 2012, open July 19–September 16, 2012. ARTSPECTRUM is Leeum’s biannual exhibition which introduces works by young Korean artists whose artistic potential capabilities are eminently promising without confining their scope in terms of age, medium, or subject matter. ARTSPECTRUM 2012, which is its fourth show, casts light on the status quo and future possibilities of contemporary Korean art through the works of art of eight insightful artists.

Bae Chan-Hyo, Existing in Costume Anne Boleyn, 2012. C-print, 230 × 180 cm.

Among the artists featured in this exhibition are Kim Ayoung (Video Art), Kim Ji Eun (Painting & Installation), Bae Chan-Hyo (Photography), Oak Jungho (Photography & Video Art), Jang Boyun (Photography & Installation), Jun Sojung (Video Art), Choi Kichang (Installation & Video Art), and Han Kyung Woo (Installation & Video Art).

Ayoung Kim allows one to revisit the past, which is one hundred thirty years ago, through her video works in which her study of certain historical incidents recorded in press materials and other kinds of documents results in the re-composition of spaces and phenomena. In Kim Ji Eun‘s large-scale installation works are revealed the other side of the architectural environment that is inundated with regulations and desires against the background of ever-changing city.
Bae Chan-Hyo shows his self-portrait photographs through which the cultural differences that he experienced during his study in the West are rendered. Having directed our attention to aspects of Korean society by use of sarcasm and mockery in his previous works, Oak Jungho now unfolds the facets of contemporary society in a comical manner in his photographs and video works of yoga postures. Jang Boyun uses the photographs thrown away by other people to chase after the common memories of absurdity and obscurity. In Jun Sojung‘s video works are recreated the stories of nameless masters who traverse the boundary between art and everyday life. Choi Kichang focuses on incidents accidentally linked to one another by invisible chains. Han Kyung Woo attempts to let the viewer to be re-enlightened on the uncertainty of his or her reality by engaging the viewer in his works so as to provide certain experiences through which his or her fixed ideas are shattered.

The exhibition offers one with a rare opportunity to observe and enjoy the eight artists’ works of diversity and spectrum, and this will help one examine the Korean art scene which catch the eyes of the international art scene at an increasing pace. It is also hoped that the exhibition enables the participating artists to challenge themselves to widen their artistic spectrums by encouraging them to discuss and tap on their own creative endeavors.

Curated by Koo Kyunghwa, Curator of Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art.
Sponsored by Samsung Life Insurance, co. Ltd.

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art was opened in central Seoul in 2004 and provides a unique environment to house the comprehensive collections of traditional and contemporary art in Korea. Three buildings make up the composite complex. MUSEUM 1 is devoted to the exhibition of traditional Korean artwork. MUSEUM 2 showcases modern and contemporary works by both Korean and foreign artists. Finally, the Samsung Child Education & Culture Center supplements the two Museums by contributing to the cultural education of our future leaders. This cultural complex was designed by three internationally acclaimed architects, Mario Botta, Jean Nouvel, and Rem Koolhaas. The three buildings exist in harmony with each other, though each piece has its own uniqueness. These architectural works are designed to accommodate the past, present, and future of art and culture.

The museum is committed to establishing and preserving a new interpretation and perspective of traditional Korean art, encouraging and presenting new trends in Korean modern art, and displaying international contemporary art that reflects the preeminent values of our time.

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