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Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art presents Picasso Exhibition

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art presents a new exhibition of works by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso on display from Friday, Aug. 3. For a limited time, the museum at the University of Oklahoma features works by the Cubist master, the highlight of which is a unique work on loan from the St. Louis Art Museum. Woman in the Studio, a 1956 painting, will be displayed along with eight other Picasso works from the FJJMA’s permanent collection.

Pablo Picasso (Spain, 1881-1973) Woman in the Studio, 1956 Oil on canvas, 130 x 162 cm. St. Louis Art Museum; Funds Given by Mr. and Mrs. Rickard K. Weil 196:1957

Picasso (1881-1973) is considered one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century and is credited with co-founding the Cubist movement. Cubist artworks are categorized by the abstracted presentation of objects. Instead of depicting objects from a single viewpoint, Cubist works depict an object from multiple perspectives. Picasso also is credited with the invention of constructed sculpture, and the co-invention of collage.

This exhibition is the newest in a series of loans designed to enhance the visitor experience at the FJJMA. Previous loans include Henri Matisse’s sculpture, Vénus à la Coquille I, and Auguste Rodin’s sculpture, The Kiss (Le Baiser).

Two events also are scheduled for Friday, Aug. 3. In conjunction with the exhibition Oklahoma Clay: Frankoma Pottery, Scott Perkins, the curator of collections and exhibitions at Price Tower Arts Center in Bartlesville, will present a guest lecture at 6 p.m. House of Clay: Bruce Goff’s Frank Residence will focus on the art of architecture in Bruce Goff’s construction of John and Grace Lee Frank’s 1955 Sapulpa residence. Following the lecture at 7, White will lead a short gallery talk through the Picasso works. Both events are free and open to the public.

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art is located in the OU Arts District on the corner of Elm Avenue and Boyd Street, at 555 Elm Ave., on the OU Norman campus.

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