Fitchburg Art Museum announces American Scenery. Different Views in Hudson River School Painting

Fitchburg Art Museum presents American Scenery. Different Views in Hudson River School Painting, an exhibition on view September 23 2012- December 30, 2012.

Homer Dodge Martin, Sarnac Lake (morning) Fitchburg Art Museum

This exhibition groups paintings of the Hudson River School (HRS) artists by pairs and series either intended as such by the artists or around recurrent themes of great significance to the movement. The underlying purpose of these groupings is to enable the viewer to more readily understand the artist’s objectives by actively engaging in these comparisons and contrasts. The HRS, considered by many to be the first truly American school of of painting, flourished between 1825 and 1875, a time of great nationalist sentiment when expansionism was rife in American thought and policy.

The artists of the HRS had a seemingly unlimited appetite for direct observation of the landscape around them, fed by a belief in both the beauty and spirituality of nautre. They were inspired by their constant awareness that in nature things change continually and nothing is ever stationary. Seasons, times of day, weather conditions, various effects of light are just some of the factors in motion and evolving that were observed and painted in order to create mood and depict underlying themes including the sublime versus the picturesque, man’s intrusion in or harmony with the land, the overarching power of a higher, universal spirit, the cyclical nature of life, and so on.

Artists in the exhibition include major figures of the movement such as Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, John William Casilear, Asher B. Durand Jasper Francis Cropsey, William Trost Richards, John Frederick Kensett, as well as William Sonntag, George Hetzel, Homer Dodge Martin, Regis Gignoux, De Witt Clinton Boutelle, Eliza Greatoreaux, and others.

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