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Guangdong Times Museum presents Pulse Reaction – An Exchange Project on Art Practice

Guangdong Times Museum presents Pulse Reaction – An Exchange Project on Art Practice. 11 August–7 October 2012, 10–18

Generation of art movements and forms cannot be separated from intensive idea clashes and repeated verification and practice. Pulse Reaction – An Exchange Project On Artistic Practice aims at providing a platform of idea exchange for the Chinese contemporary artists’ practice. We attempt to facilitate an experiment, in which we explore how different artists and their individual practice can express themselves and make encounters in a certain more direct way. We try to instigate in-depth and thorough exchanges and clashes on some of the issues in which we share comment interest.

If we regard works as the mirror and medium of artistic practice, and they carry the productive moment and material cohesion in the individual artistic production process, does it mean that only the presence of and encounters with the works matter, and people very easily would miss those non-material, non-productive but extremely enlightening moments in the course of artistic practice? If we not only consider museums and exhibitions as display space and a magnifying medium for the works, but turn them into a power engine of artistic practice and exchange, then can the artists themselves, as the most direct initiators and producers of their individual artistic practice, along with clashes of their perception, experience, ideas, speeches, and behaviors be the subject of an exhibition? Based on common interests or topics, we will gather together 29 artists (artist groups) who are from different areas and possess independent thinking capabilities, and we will facilitate thought flows and idea clashes among individuals by way of proposals, execution, works, exhibitions, various exchanges, and discussions. In this project, we focus on in-depth idea exchange and exploration, which will be centered around the artists and based on their artistic practice. Through such intensive and multi-perspective exchanges, we hope that we will explore in great depth the nature of certain topics and the foothold of thinking, in the course of which relevant thoughts will be generated. We work with the participating artists to melt discussions, the exhibition and publishing together in an open and interactive way. We look forward to outputs in the course of the encounters.

Participating Artists: Chen Tong, Chen Xiaoyun, Chen Wei, Duan Jianyu, Gong jian, He An, He Chi, Huang Xiaopeng, Jiang Ji’an, Jiang Zhi, Li Jinghu, Li Juchuan, Li Mu, Li Yifan, Liang Shuo, Lin Yilin, Liu Ding, Man Yu, Museum of Unknown, Qin Siyuan, Shao Yi, Wang Yin, Wang Wei, Xu Tan, Zhang Hui, Zhang Jiebai, Zheng Guogu, Zhou Tao, Zhu Yu.

Curator: Ruijun Shen

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