National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts presents Collective Wisdom

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts presents Collective Wisdom. 2012 International Techno Art Exhibition on view through December 23, 2012.

Ars Electronica Futurelab, Shadowgram, 2010. Light box, wall, podium, table, pen, stickers, Post-it notes, shadowgram printer; dimensions variable. Photo by Ars Electronica Futurelab.

The theme of this exhibition, TEA – Collective Wisdom, intends to explore in the era of social media, besides creative shifts in the way messages are delivered, how participants of art have expanded from individuals to collectives and even to virtual units. With continuous public participation, it also looks into how the collective wisdom can make art become communal and action-based.

TEA = Technology + Entertainment + Art
Technological developments allow people to break primal barriers constituted by space and time, soaring to the clouds. Internet resource sharing, the online virtual world, and social media have all created pioneering cultural activities that are borderless and communal, which have also shifted the focal point from elites to groundbreaking public collective actions. In this stressful era, we all need some entertainment for emotional outlet, and technological developments have altered the way human culture is produced. Additionally, entertainment will be one of the core media and pivotal channels for the next generation to learn, experience, and absorb culture.

The core value of TEA is based on social interactions transmitting interactive messages or beliefs. The wordplay on TEA also signifies the spreading of an aroma, and how it could permeate through walls and confinements and expand continuously through the powers of social media. The mission of TEA is to form a new lifestyle. Similar to how tea is such an integral part in Asian cultures, the movement of TEA is about the amalgamation of the internet and communities, just like how a good cup of tea is able to gradually unfold through the brewing process. The impacts and issues spurred will also unfold from which leadership would be formed. As the trinity of technology, entertainment, and art are combined as one, TEA becomes the grand embodiment of all senses. TEA first is the making of tea through Collective Wisdom, and being harvested are current trends and insights. As a good cup of tea has the potential to be brewed over and over, the ideas of TEA intend to be extended into a movement, an iconic declaration for our era.

Curators: Gerfrid Stocker, Manuela Naveau, Shu Min Lin

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