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Lancaster Museum of Art and History opens Chris Trueman. Slipstream

Lancaster Museum of Art and History opens Chris Trueman. Slipstream, an exhibition on view January 26th – March 10th, 2013.

Chris Trueman. Slipstream

How might a stationary painting behave like a slipstream? Southern California based painter, Chris Trueman answers that question by combining the energies of seemingly opposing visual forces and philosophies in his new work in order to pull the viewer into a reconstructed visual and ideological slipstream. Trueman’s slipstream is formed by the forces between his formal, hard edge lines and the organic fields of color that occupy his expansive, immersive canvases. While he philosophically reconstructs genres such as Abstract Expressionism, OP, Hard-Edge and Minamalism and their repective ideologies into new forms and terrain, Trueman’s paintings generously offer a traversable experience between painted layers and a methodology that builds momentum through the combining of various philosophies, tapping into the strengths of each.

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