Fruitmarket Gallery opens Massimo Bartolini exhibition

Fruitmarket Gallery opens Massimo Bartolini an exhibition on view 1 february through 14 April, 2013.

Massimo Bartolini (born 1962, Cecina, Italy) is internationally renowned for his immersive, experiential art. His work is often talked about in terms of metamorphosis and experimentation – he makes art which changes space and our experience of it and which acknowledges, in its finished form, the processes by which it was made.

This exhibition engages directly with this, by presenting one major installation together with a selection of small sculptures and works on paper, taken directly from Bartolini’s studio and exhibited here for the first time. Though he is known for large installations made on site, the studio still matters to Bartolini: in his words, ‘In the studio is where I really think. But since I’m not a conceptual artist, I need to do something while I’m thinking’.

The small sculptures and works on paper – ‘studioworks’ – are what he does. This exhibition opens with La strada di sotto (The Street Below), a glowing field of coloured lights of the kind used during street celebrations in Sicily. It continues with a selection of the objects and images that Bartolini has been making while thinking over the past 10 or so years. In the context of the confident visual statement made by the installation, these are uncertain objects whose status and meaning are in flux. They are not models for major sculptures – they are simply what they are; containers for thought or maybe impulses towards it.

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