Matthew Day Jackson. Total Accomplishment

Matthew Day Jackson: "Axis Mundi", 2011 Private Collection Installation view "Everything Leads to Another", Hauser & Wirth, 2011 Image courtesy Matthew Day Jackson and Hauser & Wirth photo: Peter MalletMay 18–November 10, 2013

An exhibition at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art

With the exhibition “Matthew Day Jackson”, one of the most inventive artists of the younger generation is considered with a solo-exhibition for the first time in Germany.
It is a thematic exhibition in which, starting out from American cultural history, Jackson critically examines the technological occupation of our world from a variety of angles. In his works, he questions the influence of these both on the individual and collectively in various media, and broaches the issue of the complexity of the Western World by dissolving their myths in new riddles. The predominantly sculptural work is characterized by an interdisciplinary selection of themes, encompassing aspects ranging from technology and pop-culture through to art history, philosophy and sport. Jackson appears as one of the first artist-archaeologists to combine in his works historical realities with a fictional search for traces. The mythologizing of his artist-self comprises the center of the oeuvre, which sets in relation physicality and destructive results in human inventiveness.

A comprehensive ZKM publication is to appear in conjunction with the exhibition in form of a mid-career oeuvre index, edited by Andreas Beitin and Martin Hartung. With written contributions by Andreas Beitin, Michael Broderick, Graham Burnett, Knut Ebeling, Anne Ellegood, Jerome Friedman, Donatien Grau, Martin Hartung, Caroline A. Jones, Thomas Macho, Jen Mergel, Sally O’Reilly and Paul Virilio

Curators: Andreas Beitin and Martin Hartung

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