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National Galleries of Scotland announce ArtHunter new app for art

ArtHunter is a free multi-platform mobile app for the intrepid cultural visitor. Created in association with one of the UK’s leading mobile app development companies, Kotikan, ArtHunter will allow visitors to build their own art collection at the touch of a button. The new app will send art fans on a voyage of discovery, opening up our Galleries to reveal little-known masterpieces as well as capturing old favourites. The app will grow over 2013 to include artworks and artefacts from galleries and museums across Scotland.
ArtHunter works on a simple premise: every month a new themed collection will link artworks that will be available to ‘hunt’ around the Galleries. Each work found will give the user a special code they can use to unlock unique content – this will vary from facts related to the work or artist, hidden details, music clips and specially commissioned videos of artists, curators, conservators and celebrities commenting on, or related to exhibitions. The more works collected – the more ArtHunter trophies there are to win!
Month by month ArtHunter will draw attention to works across all three sites – the Scottish National Gallery, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, encouraging visitors with a favourite gallery to seek out gems across Edinburgh. Art fans will then make return visits to Galleries to ‘capture’ each new set.