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Signal – Center for Contemporary Art presents E as in Invisible E as in Invincible E as in Disappear

Signal – Center for Contemporary Art presents E as in Invisible E as in Invincible E as in Disappear, Marcel Dzama, Jeuno JE Kim & Lasse Krog Møller, Olivia Plender on 3 May–16 June 2013.

Break down, condense, transform, attack.

When Rammellzee armours and empowers the letters, he does it in order to free them from the constraints of the alphabet. As a graffiti writer, rapper, and sculptor, he explored the ability to liberate the transcendental powers of the alphabet corrupted by Western culture. Cosmic electromagnetic equations and a detailed warfare plan is analysed and mapped out in his theoretical manifesto Ionic Treatise (1979). Deconstructively intricate? Yes. Crystal clear? Not quite. But full of a mind-bending logic that launches an accurate criticism towards the hegemony of encircled knowledge and the tendency to deploy language as a dominating effort and an organisational tool against those less powerful. Rammellzee’s letters refuse to conform to the narrow limits of language, they are on their quest to break loose from the handcuffs of words.

A liberation from the alphabet.
A game of chess played out in three different dimensions.
A fictitious foundation dedicated to collecting and studying the ordinary and the everyday.
An educational tool emphasising on the social construction of cultural and social institutions.
These are all spirited, cerebral acts of wit and rebellion that resist and evade the limitations of the systems and classifications through which we are taught to read the world.

The game of chess, is like a sword fight. You must think first, before you move.
An artist leaving art to pursue a favourite pastime, chess. An e silently disappearing from an entire novel.
Withdrawal did not render their presence less evident. Now you see me, now you don’t is a powerful move to perform in the silence of words.

To those who say the winner takes it all, we say the game is not over yet.

Signal is run by Carl Lindh, Emma Reichert and Elena Tzotzi.

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