Museum of New Art (MONA) announces DOCUMENTA USA: CALL FOR ENTRIES!

Over the last decade, Detroit’s Museum of New Art (MONA) has proven to be one of the most innovative and vibrant contemporary art institutions in America.

Setting Sun by Gao Brothers

Setting Sun by Gao Brothers

Now, in September 2013, the museum will bring the world’s largest art survey home to America. Lasting 100 days, Documenta USA will be the most comprehensive exposition of its kind ever: all-inclusive, with artists of every medium, age or nationality represented.

The museum invites you and all gallery artists to join in this groundbreaking event. Please send us all your artist materials: catalogs, postcards, jpeg CDs, printed images, videos, and CVs — since the entire museum will be turned over to these materials.

DEADLINE is August 24th, but materials received before then will be given priority.

Literally, every submission (catalog, postcards, jpeg images, CVs etc.) will be presented in a sweeping installation designed to highlight as many artists working in today’s art scene as physically possible. All materials will remain in the museum’s archive to be reviewed for future events and exhibitions.