Everhart Museum presents Bats on the Atlantic Coast exhibition

Everhart Museum presents What’s in the Cloud?. Bats on the Atlantic Coast an exhibition on view through July 1.

What’s in the cloud? features current research by local specialists on bats in Pennsylvania and the Caribbean. Bats are often demonized (and mistaken as vampiric bloodsuckers) due to their unusual looks and nocturnal habitats, but are important players in regional ecosystems. Dr. Gary Kwiecinski/University of Scranton studies the morphology (science of form and structural features) of Antillean Island bats and shares his photos and almost 30 years of research about these adaptive creatures. Locally, wildlife managers from the PA Game Commission share their documentation on White Nose Syndrome, a disease plaguing North American hibernating bat clouds (colonies) in Northeastern Pennsylvania since 2006. http://everhart-museum.org