Trondheim Kunstmuseum announces Lips Painted Red: Strategies to Create and Maintain Female Identities & Teresa Burga

Trondheim Kunstmuseum presents Lips Painted Red: Strategies to Create and Maintain Female Identities & Teresa Burga an exhibition on view 22 June–15 September 2013.

Lips Painted Red is a project examining how female identities are created and maintained as daily routines, as experiments with personal or social lifestyles, as consequences of discomfort with gender expectations or with gender displacement. It examines these strategies through a variety of artists’ approaches—male and female, transgender, and of several generations—and through texts written by scholars for the forthcoming catalogue.

Lips Painted Red is formed as a set of three exhibitions taking place at both of Trondheim Kunstmuseum’s venues, TKM Bispegata and TKM Gråmølna. The separate exhibition of pioneering Peruvian conceptualist Teresa Burga’s work is a first presentation of her in Scandinavia, after the general survey at the Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano in Lima 2010 and the succeeding exhibition at the Westfälischer Kunstverein.

The largest section of Lips Painted Red, (re-)appropriate, approaches identities and bodies as domains that are denied, distorted, appropriated, contested, destabilized, and continuously re-configured.

The final section, explore and expand, encircles approaches that re-empowers the female gender, as satire, as power play, as manifestations of self-confidence, and strategies that use old metaphors for new means.

Lips Painted Red is curated by Pontus Kyander, director of Trondheim kunstmuseum.

Trondheim kunstmuseum
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