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Kunsthallen Brandts opens Eva Steen Christensen and Tina Maria Nielsen sculpture exhibitions

Kunsthallen Brandts presents Eva Steen Christensen and Tina Maria Nielsen two sculpture exhibitions on view 21 June–15 September 2013. The exhibiting artists are Eva Steen Christensen (b. 1969) and Tina Maria Nielsen (b. 1964). The two artists have worked together previously in connection with, an artist-run exhibition project. At Kunsthallen Brandts they will present two completely different shows.

Eva Steen Christensen, Beginnings and ends, 2013.
Eva Steen Christensen, Beginnings and ends, 2013.

Eva Steen Christensen’s exhibition, No Tomorrow, is inspired by Dante’s The Divine Comedy. In five new pieces, the artist works with existential themes such as generation and disintegration. The installation Beneath Flowers is a sort of subterranean construction concerned with the idea of passage. Walls made of sheets of paper with thousands of gold stitches create wordless stories. Pottery fragments, dried snowdrops and crocuses lie like the remains of former times and places, while an aluminium sculpture with open umbrellas branches off towards the sky.

Tina Maria Nielsen’s exhibition, Skin of Mine, deals with surfaces, membranes and the interface between outer and inner, like human skin. Adopting traditional techniques and conceptual approaches, the artist works with the inherent qualities of her materials: layered plates of glass, paper that absorbs liquid wax, plasterboard that defines our rooms, clothing that protects the body, the floor we walk on, or the bronze that immortalizes a pruned apple tree’s organic growth from trunk to bud. The artist works her way down under the surface, down into the floor, through the walls, as in the work Matrice, which is a basic model of her childhood home.

The exhibitions open on 20 June at 5pm
5pm Opening speech given by art mediator and author Barbara Læssøe Stephensen
6pm Artists’ talks
7pm Grilled goodies and music by DJ ‘Big N’

Eva Steen Christensen received her education at the Chelsea School of Art, London. She has exhibited at home and abroad and is represented at HEART, KUNSTEN, Horsens Kunstmuseum, Vejen Kunstmuseum, and elsewhere.

Tina Maria Nielsen received her education at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She has several solo exhibitions behind her, both at home and abroad. The artist has received a number of prizes and a three-year work grant from the Danish Arts Foundation. She is represented at Horsens Kunstmuseum, and elsewhere.

Kunsthallen Brandts
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5000 Odense, Denmark