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British Museum (BM) launches Annual Review 2012/13

the British Museum (BM) launches the Annual Review 2012/13, celebrating the successes of the previous year and looking forward to future activity. In 2012 the BM was once again the leading visitor attraction in the UK (with 5.575 million visitors) and a virtual audience of 27.3 million. One in four overseas visitors to London and one in ten overseas visitors to the UK now visit the British Museum as part of their trip.

The first part of 2013 has seen a big increase in visitor numbers, onsite visits in May were 42% up on the previous year and were the highest on record. As of the 24 June the Museum had received 1.7 million visitors since the start of the financial year, a 25% increase on the previous year, and a virtual audience of 9 million. The BM’s audience is diverse, varied and above all young, with 43% of visitors aged between 16-34. 30% of the Museum’s audience visit as a family group.