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Kunsthaus Bregenz present Dora García The Sinthome Score

Kunsthaus Bregenz present Dora García The Sinthome Score open now through 12 January 2014.

The Spanish artist Dora García’s conceptual works comprise photographs, films, performances, and installations frequently involving actors from performance and theater as well as members of the audience. She designs stories, scenarios, and situations which permit her to experiment, interfere with, and invert expectations. The results are performative, site-specific ensembles opening up the exhibition space.

Dora García has taken part in numerous important exhibitions, such as the 54th Venice Biennale 2011, as well as dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel in 2012. Her recent project The Joycean Society (2013) is a film project in which she accompanied a James Joyce reading group based in Zurich for a year, whilst they developed ways of interpreting and translating Finnegans Wake.

An interest in language is crucial to all of García’s work: for creating communities, as an access code to secret societies, as a space for action, as well as the structure of the unconscious. For The Sinthome Score, developed especially for KUB Arena, García raises questions of representation and translation whilst incorporating the collaboration of the local population.

For the exhibition, KUB Arena will be opening an additional entrance bearing the inscription Sinthome. The term originates from a text by the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, Seminar XXIII — Le Sinthome (1975—1976). An involvement with James Joyce’s work caused Lacan to reconsider his model of the Borromean rings, expanding it to include the Sinthome, the core of the subject binding the three rings. The converted backdoor of KUB offers an alternative way of entering the institution, to approach this area made spatial, from the rear whilst simultaneously encountering objects and people. Using the German translation by Max Kleiner (2007), Dora García has constructed a score for performers from the region. The ground floor of the Kunsthaus will provide a stage for numerous interpretations of García’s score, an exploration of the unconscious in which the public can participate.

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