Proceeds from 2013 Cincy ComiCon events benefit the Hall of Justice

Cincy ComiCon presents check to Cincinnati Museum Center and announces 2014 convention dates

CINCINNATI – The best superheroes often have the best teams. When Batman finds himself in a pickle, he can count on Robin to help him out. If Superman is outmatched, Wonder Woman can help even the odds. And when the Hall of Justice needs support from the community, Cincy ComiCon is quick to lend a hand. That hand delivered a check to Cincinnati Museum Center Tuesday.

2013 Cincy ComiCon“Cincy ComiCon is committed to giving back to a community that has given us so much, and we couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Cincinnati Museum Center,” says Kendall Swafford, Grand Poobah of Cincy ComiCon. “The greater comic book and art community outside of Cincinnati will forever identify the building as a model for the Super Friends’ Hall of Justice, and they too feel very passionate about preserving the building.”

Last year Cincy ComiCon hosted a Drink & Draw at Union Terminal, the inspiration for the Hall of Justice in the 1970s cartoon The Super Friends. Amateur and professional comic book artists gathered at Union Terminal for an evening of drinks and frivolity as they used the architecture and exhibits inside for inspiration. The works of art they created were then auctioned off the following evening at Cincy ComiCon, with 50% of the proceeds from the auction along with 100% of ticket sales to the Drink & Draw event going to Cincinnati Museum Center, lending support to the Hall of Justice.

“From the very beginning, the Cincy ComiCon partners wanted to include the Hall of Justice in our convention plans,” says Swafford. “Union Terminal has been a part of the fabric of our community for over 80 years and the building’s preservation is extremely important to everyone involved with the convention.”

2013’s Drink & Draw and art auction raised $5,445 for Cincinnati Museum Center, which Cincy ComiCon delivered during a presentation at Union Terminal.

“While the money we raise for the building’s preservation is a drop in the bucket, it is a symbol of what we can all achieve together,” says Swafford. “The heroes we read about and love so much would do no less.”

In addition to the check presentation, Swafford joined convention partners Kara Moore, Bill Haders and The Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore as they revealed the 2014 Cincy ComiCon space-themed poster, the first of many pieces of original art that is being donated to further the cause in 2014.
Drink & Draw will be back for 2014 as Cincy ComiCon continues their support of the Hall of Justice. This year’s Drink & Draw will take place on September 5, again at Cincinnati Museum Center. The following evening sees the return of Cincy ComiCon’s annual art auction, to be held at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. Proceeds from both events will continue to help preserve Union Terminal.

Cincy Comicon is September 5-7 and will feature artists and writers from comics like Batman, The Walking Dead, Wolverine, My Little Pony and Avengers. For more information on Cincy ComiCon, visit