Gianfranco Baruchello. Certain Ideas

© Gianfranco BaruchelloThe ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art frequently holds presentations of artists who have been ignored or forgotten by the mainstream and art market in loose series. In many cases, these artists have provided important impulses in contemporary art. In this context, the work of Italian multi-media artist Gianfranco Baruchello will be presented in a showcase from November 01, 2014, and will run till March 29, 2015. The exhibi-tion is co-curated by Andreas Beitin and Peter Weibel. The exhi-bition, jointly organized with the Deichtorhallen Hamburg/ Sammlung Falckenberg, not only offers an overview of over half a century of art production, but also the sheer versatility of Ba-ruchello’s work, an artist who over several decades produced a substantial oeuvre of pictures, sculptures, object cabinets, col-lages, texts as well as films.