Treasures of Our Military Past at Cincinnati Museum Center

Visitors can learn about Cincinnati’s rich military past in Treasures of Our Military Past, opening May 15. Spanning over 220 years, Treasures of Our Military Past is an incredible exhibit that honors the men, women and organizations who have turned the tides of war and battled injustice around the globe. A hand-drawn plan of Fort Washington from 1793 and a directive from General “Mad” Anthony Wayne dated 1794 tell the story of battles fought in the Cincinnati region, America’s early frontier. The flag of the 10th Ohio Volunteer Infantry has survived the bullets of Confederate soldiers and the ravages of time. Amongst the names of battles stitched onto its green silk is Chickamauga, the battle where General William H. Lytle lost his life. General Lytle’s uniform and personal effects are the tangible reminders of a man who gave the last full measure for his nation.

Cincinnati’s contributions to the Great War are embodied in the uniforms of soldiers who fought in the trenches and served in the hospitals of World War I. Visitors can also view the Croix de Guerre awarded to Maria Clinton Herron, a volunteer with the YMCA who offered her services in a military hospital in the face of an enemy attack. Bobbie Sterne continued Cincinnati’s legacy of service as a nurse in World War II. Her uniform will be displayed along with other uniforms and flight jackets from those who served in the skies or on the battlefields of four continents during World War II. Uniforms and equipment from the post-World War conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan honor generations who still have stories to tell.

Special military discounts and combos

Cincinnati Museum Center is offering special discounts to active and former military. Members of the military will receive $2 off any museum ticket during the run of Treasures of Our Military Past through September 20. Discounted combo packages are also available. After visiting Treasures of Our Military Past, catch D-Day: Normandy 1944 in the OMNIMAX® Theater for an all-day experience celebrating those who have served our nation in the past and who continue to do so today.

Cincinnati Museum Center is honored to celebrate those men and women who have sacrificed in the name of liberty throughout Cincinnati’s long history. For more information on Salute to Armed Forces Weekend, visit