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Run, jump, row and throw in new interactive exhibition

Science of Sports opens at Cincinnati Museum Center May 23

CINCINNATI – Lace up your tennis shoes, stretch out those muscles and head to Cincinnati Museum Center to work up a physical and mental sweat. Science of Sports challenges your body and mind as you explore how incredible feats of athleticism are just science at work. This interactive exhibition opens May 23 at Cincinnati Museum Center.

Throwing a 104 miles per hour fastball or running a blazing 100 meter dash may seem like superhuman acts that defy explanation but Cincinnati Museum Center is ready to prove otherwise. The human body is a complex system of muscles, joints and neurons that help us perform and react in incredible ways. From the transfer of power that creates a perfect slap shot to the delicate balance of nutrients that fuel muscle activity, sports are just applied science. Put your own body to the test in a variety of interactive experiences in Science of Sports.

“Cincinnati is a world-class sports town with some of the most loyal and passionate fans in the world. But let’s not just cheer on our hometown teams, let’s get in the game,” says Elizabeth Pierce, interim CEO at Cincinnati Museum Center. “With the Major League Baseball All Star Game in town this summer, the athleticism of baseball’s greatest players will be on display. This exhibit at Cincinnati Museum Center lets you test your own athletic ability and gives you a glimpse at the science that makes you and other athletes so amazing.”

Blaze down the track as you test your speed against a friend, a US Olympian, a cheetah or a dinosaur. Grip the oars and wait for the starting gun before you and your friends row against video opponents in a test of upper and lower body strength and endurance. Step onto the mound and check the signal from the catcher before bringing the heat as you test your pitching speed and accuracy. Impress the judges and test your balance on a 10 centimeter-wide competition balance beam.

Science of Sports lets everyone get into the game. A scaled down space for toddlers and preschoolers is specifically designed for budding athletes just getting onto their feet. Virtual athletes can step in front of the green screen for a game of volleyball, soccer, hockey or basketball. You can also strap into a specialized sport wheelchair and check your time in a virtual 50 meter sprint.

Looking to improve your time or performance? Hit the child-sized supermarket to discover what foods fuel the body or step in front of the skeleton wall to look inside the human body at the skeleton and body systems that make it move. Even walking is a learning experience when you step onto a treadmill and watch yourself from behind as you see how the body works from head to toe to propel you forward.

Science of Sports will unleash your inner athlete and unlock the science behind the sports we love.

Science of Sports opens at Cincinnati Museum Center on May 23. Admission to Science of Sports is included with a Museum Center Membership or an All Museums Pass. For more information visit

Science of Sports was conceived by the Saint Louis Science Center and produced by the Ontario Science Centre.