Science of Sports opens at Cincinnati Museum Center with historic first pitch

CINCINNATI – Science of Sports, a new interactive exhibit that encourages kids and adults of all ages to get in the game, opened today with a ceremonial first pitch courtesy of Baseball Across the Region. Science of Sports challenges your body and mind as you explore how incredible feats of athleticism are really science at work. The exhibit will be open through September 7 at Cincinnati Museum Center.

The human body is a complex system of muscles, joints and neurons that help us perform and react in incredible ways. From the transfer of power that creates a perfect slap shot to the delicate balance of nutrients that fuel muscle activity, sports are really physics, chemistry and biology in action. Throwing a 104 mph fastball or running a blazing 100 meter dash may seem like superhuman acts that defy explanation, but Science of Sports proves otherwise.

Though it wasn’t a 104 mph fastball, Brent Cooper, president of C-Forward and member of the Community Organizing Committee for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game , delivered the ceremonial first pitch of the exhibit as part of the Baseball Across the Region initiative. Elizabeth Pierce, president and CEO of Cincinnati Museum Center, was on the receiving end of the throw.

Baseball Across the Region is an initiative counting down to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game by passing an All Star Summer baseball throughout Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, similar to the Olympic Torch in advance of the Olympics. The Baseball Across the Region is touching hundreds of hands as it makes stops in unique neighborhoods, schools, non-profits, businesses and attractions. The ball will end its journey at the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum, becoming a part of Cincinnati Reds baseball history.

“Cincinnati is a city that values arts, history and science as much as it does its sports teams,” says Pierce. “We’re honored to bring all of those passions together here at Cincinnati Museum Center and to be a part of this historic moment as we pass this Baseball Across the Region.”

Science of Sports also features photos from the Greater Cincinnati Sports Corporation ‘s “25 Years, 25 Great Moments in Cincinnati Sports,” part of its 25th anniversary celebration in 2014. A list of 50 significant sports moments were compiled and whittled down to 25. Fans voted on their top five moments, casting over 10,000 votes over a one-month period. The photos feature iconic moments ranging from high school to professional sports including baseball, football, basketball, tennis, golf and NASCAR. Originally featured online, Science of Sports marks their public debut in print form, allowing sports fans of every generation an opportunity to relive these incredible moments up close and personal.

“With the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in town this summer, this is a great time to showcase our city’s rich sports history with these iconic photos,” says Pierce. “As people walk through the entrance to Science of Sports surrounded by these great sports moments the adrenaline will start pumping and they’ll be ready to get in the game.”

Science of Sports lets everyone get into the game. Race your friends in a 10 meter sprint, see if your fastball is worthy of the majors, test your balance on a 10-cm balance beam or step in front of a green screen for a game of basketball, volleyball, soccer or hockey. Strap into a specialized sport wheelchair and check your time in a virtual 50 meter sprint, hit the child-sized supermarket to discover what foods fuel the body or step in front of the skeleton wall to look inside the human body at the skeleton and body systems that make it move.

Science of Sports is included with admission to Cincinnati Museum Center or with Museum Center Membership. The exhibit will run through September 7. For more information visit