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New OMNIMAX® film celebrates 100 years of National Park Service

CINCINNATI – Cincinnati Museum Center is bringing the grandeur and beauty of America’s diverse landscape to the giant screen. MacGillivray Freeman’s National Parks Adventure opens February 12 in the Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX® Theater as part of the film’s national premiere launch.

National Parks Adventure Arches
National Parks Adventure Arches
As the U.S. National Park Service turns 100 in 2016, National Parks Adventure celebrates the centennial by showcasing the untamed beauty of the national parks, where some of America’s most incredibly diverse landscapes remain much as they were millions of years ago. Experience a range of environments from the towering trees of Redwood National Park to the murky swamps of the Everglades to the crystal clear lakes of Glacier National Park, and view beautiful icons such as Half Dome, Delicate Arch, Devil’s Tower and Old Faithful – monuments to the nation’s vast wilderness.

“National Parks Adventure is the ultimate film for our theater and long overdue,” says Dave Duszynski, vice president at Cincinnati Museum Center and treasurer of the Giant Dome Theater Consortium. “The beauty of the film lies in the unexpected emotional response that happens through the synergistic blending of the spectacular images and the music. I couldn’t think of a better film to be our last offering before closing the theater during the building renovation.”

Hike, bike, raft and climb along with artist and adventurer Rachel Pohl , world famous mountain climber Conrad Anker and adventure photographer Max Lowe on a thrilling journey to several of America’s 408 national parks. Witness the rugged beauty of America’s wild spaces through the eyes of a new generation of explorers, and from vantage points few would dare experience for themselves.

Step back in time to meet naturalist and poet John Muir and President Teddy Roosevelt as they recognize that the true heritage of the United States is the land itself.

Narrated by Academy Award® winner Robert Redford, National Parks Adventure is a stunning visual and musical journey through the natural landscapes that showcase America’s wild beauty on the only screen big enough to truly capture the great outdoors.

National Parks Adventure will debut at Cincinnati Museum Center on February 12. National Parks Adventure will be the final film to open in the Robert D. Lindner OMNIMAX® Theater before the theater and Union Terminal undergo renovations. For show times, tickets and more information visit