Salsa, Jazz & Art Oh My!! – Fulton Street Collective Upcomng Events

The Loft Salsa Party – Wednesday, August 10th 2016
A new monthly social every 2nd Wednesdays presented by The Fulton Street Collective. Fulton Street is an artists’ collective that supports the community through events like teaching workshops, jazz concerts and classic gallery shows. Our mission for this party is to bring different arts into one space, where the music is the glue and the goal is to have fun.

See some art, have some wine, and then get your kicks dancing salsa. All are welcome. There’s room to lounge and there’s room to dance … but we hope you’ll dance!

Music by: El Caobo, Radio Host and Fania Records’ Official Salsa DJ

Dance lesson begins 7:15pm by: Joe Spencer

$10 cash donation at the door. Cash donation bar.

Wednesday, August 17th – Ryan Shultz 5 will be performing Bob Brookmeyer and Kenny Wheeler’s 2003 release ISLAND

Two giants of modern jazz align for Bob Brookmeyer & Kenny Wheeler Quintet Island… Here, valve trombone master Bob Brookmeyer and trumpet legend Kenny Wheeler project warmth and nuance atop a traditional drums/bass/piano based quintet setting as Wheeler’s relatively infamous, yearning lines and climactically constructed lyricism remain consistent throughout.

The duo alternates soloing activities while also coalescing for softly stated choruses during these predominately medium-tempo jazz works. On this release, pianist Frank Carlberg provides complementary melodies amid the rhythm section’s buoyantly constructed undercurrents.

The band pursues sanguine balladry amid the lead soloists’ often engaging dialogues, although Wheeler reaches for the stars via a series of nicely articulated high notes on “Upstairs With Beatrice” with this piece, the always-inventive drummer John Hollenbeck peppers his toms in support of the trumpeter’s ascending mode of attack.

Fulton Street Collective, Suite 307 at Hubbard Street Lofts, 1821 W Hubbard, Chicago IL 60622